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Are You In Flea Denial?

April 02, 2015

Let's face it…the thought of your sweet four-legged baby having fleas makes your skin crawl.

You would do anything to keep these pests away from "Fluffy". Unfortunately, doing this may be harder than you think.

The following are the Top 9 Barriers pet owners have to successful flea prevention:

  • Not Knowing Where Fleas Come From. The fleas on your pet came from a site of infestation (home, yard, park, kennel)
  • Thinking That Fleas Jump From One Pet To Another. Once fleas jump onto a dog or cat, they live their entire lives on that animal!
  • You Are Unaware Of Neighborhood Pets And Feral Animals. Other animals may visit your pet's environment thus depositing flea eggs in the area
  • Thinking Indoor Pets Don't Get Fleas. People can bring "hitchhiker" fleas into the home, and there you go- Fluffy's got fleas
  • Fleas In Your House = Dirty Home. This is a huge communication hurdle for us to tell you your pet has fleas. No- we don't think you are dirty!! In fact, when we see fleas on an itchy dog, we think "Phew! Something we can actually get rid of!" (as opposed to pollen/grass allergies)
  • Not Knowing How Flea Prevention Works. Pet owners expect to never see fleas on their pets if they are on prevention. They think flea-control products repel fleas and they think all fleas are killed in minutes.
  • Not Understanding The Flea Life Cycle. It takes 3-8 weeks, or longer, for all stages of flea development to be exhausted. Pet owners expect the flea problem will resolve within days of being treated, but in fact, you may see more fleas on your pets, even after treatment.
  • Believing That Treating The Yard With Insecticides Should Solve The Problem. But adult fleas don't live free in the environment. It is the eggs, larvae, and pupae that form the environmental infestation. Treating the yard may be helpful but it is a small part of the solution.
  • Thinking That Once The Flea Problem Is Solved, We Can Stop Treating Pets. Pet owners don't understand that flea infestations are present in the yard, neighborhood, parks, etc and their pets will pick up fleas and re-establish infestations in the home.

Approximately 50% of the itching or allergies we see in dogs and cats are caused from fleas (seen or unseen!) Just like termites, prevention of fleas is key!

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