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Dog Obedience Training Classes Coming January 2019

November 30, 2018

Montgomery pet owners - Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital is excited to announce our dog training classes starting in January 2019!

If you have a puppy or a dog needing to learn commands or help become a successful member of your family, then our obedience training services are perfect for you & your pups!

Some dogs need simple obedience training, which is the sit, down, stay, drop it commands, while others need behavioral training, which is more psychology-based-impulse control, reactivity, relationship, insecurity, dominance, etc.

Most dogs need a combination of obedience and behavioral training, which is why the training programs at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital are designed to determine the needs of each dog individually, setting each owner and dog up for success.

Every dog (and every dog/human pair) is different. Our obedience classes provide a variety of options allowing us to tailor services to each client's needs and desires. Or you and your dog might need a private lesson.

Contact us to learn about all the ways we can help create a greater dog/owner bond and help your dog be a successful member of your family.

City ordinance required that by 5/4/23, every dog or cat will need a microchip. Visit the article here. Ask us about microchipping!