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How Old is My Pet in Human Years?

November 16, 2017

As your pet ages - their healthcare needs become greater.

Since pets age at a faster rate than humans, we recommend an exam every six months after your pet reaches age 7 in order to ensure your older pet is happy, healthy and pain-free.

Good senior pet health care requires attention to several factors:

  • Diet and weight management
  • Joint health - ask about our pet laser therapy!
  • Cancer screening
  • Heart disease screening
  • Dental maintenance
  • Diabetes screening
  • Function of thyroid, kidneys, and liver
  • Eye and vision health
  • Pain management - ask about our pet laser therapy!

Regular Preventative Care Exams are Important for Senior Pets

Regular exams and testing allow us to determine what is normal for your pet. Knowing these results help us detect any abnormalities or problems early. When diagnosed early, many conditions can be successfully managed, leading to better outcomes for your pet, and treatment costs can often be reduced.

Schedule your senior pet's wellness appointment today!

City ordinance required that by 5/4/23, every dog or cat will need a microchip. Visit the article here. Ask us about microchipping!