Join the River Region’s most dynamic and popular Doggy Daycare!

Separate from our boarding amenities we offer Doggy Daycare Monday-Friday 7:00am-6:00pm.
Daycare guests are able to play in our indoor playground and outdoor pool and play yards. Plus
we have a heated swimming pool available year-round!

Regular attendees to daycare are evaluated by our trained staff and separated into ‘teams’
based on their size, temperament, play style and energy level. These ‘teams’ will be kept
together and play outside on a rotating schedule throughout the entire day.
Pets who are unable to join one of the daycares ‘teams’ are still able to join in on daycare
activities with a few modifications. Dogs who will do best outside the ‘team’ environment include:

  • Those that don’t do well in a pack environment
  • Those with extra physical and medical needs
  • Intact males
  • Females in heat
  • Any that show aggression towards other dogs
  • Those who don’t attend daycare on a regular basis

Depending on the reason a dog is unable to join a ‘team’ they may enjoy Private Play with our
staff or small group play times with other pre-screened dogs. Our trained staff will be
responsible for determining if a dog is able to join a ‘team’, enjoy small group play, or have
one-on-one play with staff. This is to ensure the safety of all staff and all daycare attendees.

Please contact us for pricing information along with any questions you may have.
Due to the popularity of our program, your dog may be placed on a short waitlist. Should this
happen, you will be notified when space is available.

"All the staff is very caring and knowledgeable about and towards our dog Biscuit. He comes out happy and not afraid so I know they took great care of him. I feel comfortable and relaxed to leave him in a good caring environment."

Christina Robinson

City ordinance required that by 5/4/23, every dog or cat will need a microchip. Visit the article here. Ask us about microchipping!